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I am not advising anyone to renounce their citizenship and I suggest that you think about it carefully before renouncing. Get professional legal advice.

However, more and more Americans are voting with their feet, because they feel, as I do, that the USA is no longer the same country, into which they were born. Fortunately for me, I have been offered and have accepted Swiss citizenship. Fortunately for you, if you have European ancestors, you have the possibility of obtaining a European citizenship, quite easily. For instance, proof that a grandparent was born in Germany will gain you German citizenship, from any German conulate or embassy, at the cost of $35 and 25 minutes of your time. If you have a great-grandfather, who was born in Italy, you may become a citizen of Italy. If you have any Irish grandparent, Ireland will register you as a foriegn birth and you are Irish, by birth. If that Irish ancestor lived in Ireland, while the Brittish were occupying, as mine were, you also qualify for Brittish citizenship. But, why would you opt for the surveillance society?

I have not renounced my US citizenship, yet. I try to be prepared and keep my options open. Lately, as a result of the Bush policies, I find myself ashamed to admit my US origins. If Snow White and the Dwarf win the next presidential election, I'll be filing my renunciation on 5 November.

UPDATE: I have renounced my US citizenship after realizing that Obama was a Trojan horse. Read about Getting Out.

The documents you need to renounce US citizenship are:

New development: Descendants of Spaniards who left the country for fear of political persecution or economic hardship between 1936 and 1955 will now be able to apply for nationality before 2011. Spain's government has said those who accept any offer of citizenship would not be required to give up their current passports.

Any questions??