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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Sutras d' Patanjali
Der Yoga Sutras von Patanjali

B‚hy‚bhyantara-stambha-vrittir deshak‚la-samkhy‚bbih paridrishto dÓrghasŻkshmah

B‚hy‚bhyantara-stambha-vrittir deshak‚la-samkhy‚bbih paridrishto dÓrghasŻkshmah
That (Pranayama) has external operation (Vahya-vrtti), internal operation (Abhyantara-vrtti) and suppression (Stambha-vrtti). These, again, when observed according to space, time and number become long and subtle.

Ce (pranayama) a une opťration externe (Vahya-vrtti), une opťration interne (Abhyantara-vrtti ) et une suppression (Stambha-vrtti). Ceci, encore, quand il est observe en accord avec l'espace, le temps et le nombre devient long et subtil.

Pranayama ist Einatmung, Ausatmung oder Anhalten des Atems; es wird durch Ort, Zeit und Dau-er reguliert und fortschreitend verlšngert und verfeinert.

The duration and frequency of the controlled breaths are conditioned by time, place and number, and become more and more prolonged and subtle.

B‚hy‚bhyantar-vishay‚kshepÓ chaturthah

B‚hy‚bhyantar-vishay‚kshepÓ chaturthah
The fourth Pranayama transcends external and internal operations.

Le quart Pranyama transcende des opťrations externes et internes.

Die vierte Art des Pranayama geht Łber die Sphšre von Einatmung und Ausatmung hinaus.

The pranayama, which goes beyond the sphere of the thinking mind and beyond the external objects is the natural and automatic pranayama of Raja Yoga.

Tatah kshÓyate prak‚sh‚varanam

Tatah kshÓyate prak‚sh‚varanam
By that the veil over manifestation (of knowledge) is thinned.

Par cela, le voile sur la manifestation de la connaissance est rarťfiť.

Dies entschleiert das Licht.

From pranayama comes the dispersion of the covering that hides the light of the "I-am", or Self.

Dharanasu cha yogyata manasah

Dharanasu cha yogyata manasah
The mind acquires fitness for Dharana.

Alors la pensťe acquiert les conditions pour Dharana.

Und macht den Geist geeignet fŁr Dharana (Konzentration).

By pranayama, the mind becomes fit for concentration, contemplation, and meditation and is fully prepared to hold on to "I-am".

Sva-vishay‚samprayoge chitta-svarŻp‚nuk‚ra ivendriy‚n‚m praty‚h‚rah

Sva-vishay‚samprayoge chitta-svarŻp‚nuk‚ra ivendriy‚n‚m praty‚h‚rah
When separated from their corresponding objects, the organs follow, as it were, the nature of the mind, that is called Pratyahara (restraining of the organs).

Quand ils sont sťparťs de leur objets correspondants les organes suivent la nature de la pensťe (ceci est appelť Pratyahara (restreindre les organes ) .

Pratyahara ist die Nachahmung des Geistes durch die Sinne, die durch das ZurŁckziehen der Sin-ne von ihren Objekten entsteht.

When all the senses renounce their respective objects and the psychic energy of the thinking mind, along with the energy of all the senses, transforms into mindstuff, for the time being, that is called pratyahara - the fifth step of the Yoga of stillness, or complete psychic rest.

Tatah param‚ vashyatendriy‚n‚m

Tatah param‚ vashyatendriy‚n‚m
That brings supreme control of the organs.

Ceci gŤre le suprÍme contrŰle des organes.

Daraus erwšchst die hŲchste Meisterschaft Łber die Sinne.

Then comes the spontaneous, complete, and natural mastery over all of the senses - self-discipline to hold on to "I-am".

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