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More theta waves

If there is enough demand, I may, in the future contrive a GUI (graphic user interface) for my brain wave generating DOS program, so that you may generate your own brain wave programs at home. This will eliminate the problem of sending huge files over the web.

However, it is much easier to generate your theta waves, without my software toys and the method is called meditation.

Some have asked why I stated in yesterday's post " At one time,I foolishly taught meditation..." To paraphrase Krishnamurti, someone taking lessons in a method of meditation is learning stupidity, as taught by a fool. For a long time, I was one of those fools, until I realized that I was participating in what I call "the business of 'is-ness'" and the only difference between one method or the other was created for marketing reasons.

Meditation is no great mystery, nor is it an art, which must be guided by an expert, though there are many techniques, which can be used by an expert to put you in a meditative state, or any other state for that matter. (I have several pages describing various techniques, posted under brainwashing )

Many people have been meditating for years, long before learning a definition of the word. They have been engaged in the simple practice of non-thinking, or clearing the mind of thought. When one decides to enjoy an interval of non-thinking, one simply clears thoughts from one's head. When one does this, it is not too long before one notices a thought creeping back in. Look at that thought, dismiss it and return to non-thought. With frequent repetition of this simple exercise, one gains more control over one's mind and the interval between intruding thoughts increases.

In ancient Eastern iconography the active mind, with its constantly intruding thoughts, is depicted as the 'barking dogs.' Even up here on our mountain, we have barking dogs in the neighborhood. You probably have some in yours.

Quieting your internal barking dogs is beneficial for your mental, physical and spiritual health. It can be practiced almost anywhere, at anytime and does not need to be done in a certain posture, in a quiet place, without interruption, for a set duration, though some people like to do those things and many traditions and "methods" promote such behavior.

On the Krishnamurti side of are some interesting discussions about the subject of meditation. I find 'THE AWAKENING OF ENERGY' very interesting.

Any questions??