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Though I present the following pages, they can not be attributed to me. I wrote them simply for my own understanding. I have learned that when I can express an idea, or subject, in multiple languages, my understanding deepens. I share this effort over the internet, because the original work was meant to be shared

In chronological order, I must first acknoledge Mrs. Anne Wood Besant, founder of the Theosophical Society, and the adoptive mother of Jiddhu Krishnamurti. Mrs. Besant taught the yoga sutras of Patanjali to Krishnamurti, as I was told by Krishnamurti. (I do not usually write about Krishnamurti's personal life but it has been more than 20 years, since he passed onward, and I think, in this case, it is not a violation of his memory.)

Thus, I must give thanks to Krishnamurti for introducing me to the yoga sutras. He did not teach them to me. When I asked about them, because I observed him studying Sanskrit, by reading and chanting the yoga sutras everyday, he told me not to bother, as they were simply an exercise for his mind. I had no natural inclination to learn them but I did make special note of evrything I experienced, when we were together.

After I took a year to roam across North America, I found myself at Ananda Ashram, in New York. Brahmananda Sarswati (Rammurti Mishra, M.D.), the founder of the ashram, was the penuultimate scholar of the Sanskrit language and the ancient scriptures. Study of Sanskrit, the yoga sutras, the vedas and the upanishads were mandatory, for all residents. Though I was a resident for 15 years, or so, Brahmananda exempted me from study and chanting. I thoght he did this because I was a hopeless case and went about my foolishness. When asked, by other residents, why I was exempt, Brahmamananda responded that Dinesha learned on different levels, in different ways. ( Dinesha was his name for me. I, at first, assumed it was due to a speech impediment. And, later, due to the same impediment, thought he named me after the elephant, Ganesh, because of my nature. :>)

Gurus teach in mysterious ways. I am extremely grateful for his lessons

The voice of Brahmananda was Bharati Balmes, who assisted the Sanskrit translations and led the chanting, every day, day and night, year after year, and most likey continues, now that Brahmananda has passed onward. If Bharati ever reads this, I wish to take this opportunity to explain that, what she thought was my snoring, was, in fact, deep pranayam, as I absorbed her efforts into my subconcious. I have always had an adversary relationship with paper and classrooms but once in my subconcious things stay with me forever. And, Bharati, please give me a little slack. Niether my Sanskrit, nor my German, will ever be equal to yours.

To all the experts: I am not an expert and any mistakes, mistranslation, poor grammar, poorer spelling, or misinterpretations are mine entirely. Krishnamurti and Brahmananda, over a period of decades, took a rough stone and polished it into a ... well, a not so rough stone and surely unfinished.

In the following pages, all italicised text is the interpretation of Brahmanda Saraswati, as close as I can remember. The English, French and German translations are quite literal.

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