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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)


Question: Is there a state that has no opposite? And may we know and communicate with it?

Are there opposites, except such opposites as man, woman, darkness, light, tall, short, night and day? Is there an opposite to goodness? If it has an opposite it is not good. I wonder if you see that. Goodness, if it has an opposite must be born out of that opposite. What is an opposite? We have cultivated opposites and we say, good is the opposite of bad. Now, if they have a relationship with each other, or are the outcome of each other, then good is still rooted in bad. So, is there the opposite at all? One is violent; thought has created non-violence, its opposite, which is non-fact; but the ending of violence is quite a different state from non-violence.

Mind has created the opposite in order either to escape from action or to suppress violence. All this activity is part of violence. But if one is only concerned with facts, then facts have no opposites. One hates; one's mind, one's thought and society say one should not hate, which is the opposite. The opposites are born out of each other. So, there is only hate, not its opposite. If one observes the fact of hate and all the responses to that fact, why should one have an opposite? The opposite is created by thought which leads to a constant struggle between hate and non-hate, between fact and thought. How is one to get over one's hate? If the fact alone remains and not its opposite, then one has the energy to look at it. One has the energy not to do anything about it and the very fact is dissolved.