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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

Life in Freedom


When the fountain is sealed and the spring is shut up, to open that fountain and release that spring you must dig deep, and thereby disturb the earth. In like manner and for the same purpose there must be disturbance within you if you would find Truth. As the waters are hidden in the dry lands, so is Truth hidden in your heart. I would dig in each of you a well that shall nourish and sustain you, but to dig deep you must uproot greatly, to have great depth of water you must delve deeply into the earth. The process of digging creates discontentment and revolt, and the destruction of useless things. Love Truth for its own beauty, do right because you yourself desire to do it, and develop the inward perception of true understanding. If you follow without understanding, you will betray the Truth, and because I hold the Truth with such care, with such gratitude for its loveliness, I want you not to betray it. For this reason I am creating revolt within you, I am digging deep to discover the waters that shall nourish you, the Truth that shall give you tranquillity, the Truth that shall give you ecstasy of purpose in this world of confusion. If you merely repeat after me new phrases instead of the old, that repetition will not show the way to Truth. There must be a vital change in the mind and in the heart before that inward perception of Truth which is the true understanding of life can be developed. Do not settle down more comfortably in your already comfortable attitude of mind, for satisfaction and contentment do not lead to the Truth, neither do they bring happiness. Become a genius by developing your own individual uniqueness. The genius of one man can never be complete; the genius which is the outcome of the individual uniqueness of many, which all have helped to produce, will alone be perfect. If you would create greatly, if you would have that creation last eternally, you must develop your own individual uniqueness, your own perfection, with the understanding of the Truth, and not imitate the perfection of another.