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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

EARLY WRITINGS - 1927 1928 1929


Ojai Star Camp, 1929

Why bear this turmoil, this strife, this ceaseless jostle, of pain, of pleasure, of suffering, of strife, when, by your careful understanding of life's purpose, you can alter, you can remove that cloud that casts a shadow across your path? Therefore, having Life as your guru, as your motive, as the only truth -become a disciple of that. Then your mind shall know the truth as the true, shall understand the false in the falsehood, and see the real in the reality.

An ointment that shall cure all sorrow, all wounds, all suffering, is to be found in that which is lasting and that which is life, and of that I speak.

Suppose that I had been in the world at the time when the Buddha was in India, and had realised to myself that there was a great human being who understood life, who was the consummation of life, who was the beauty of life; in whom there was the whole and not the part. Knowing all that and having a burning desire to understand him, do you think I would turn to him and then say that I had some other work to do in the world, that I wanted to stay in the shadow of a religion, or that I wanted to function through a particular channel, when he himself held the whole of life?

In the same manner, I say now, I say without conceit, with proper understanding, with fullness of mind and heart, that I am that full flower which is the glory of life, to which all human beings, individuals as well as the whole world, must come.