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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

EARLY WRITINGS - 1927 1928 1929



To meditate is to create, and to contemplate is to gather the material with which you can create. If you contemplate, if you pour out your devotion, you are gathering material. When you contemplate, you dream, you go away to other planes, other fields, other pastures, and gather; and when you meditate, you concentrate all that you have gathered and you build. So when you meditate you must concentrate, though it is very difficult. We are all different individual beings and we all want to get to the source of Life. We know what that source is and when we meditate together we ought to get there together. I can get there perhaps a little quicker than someone else can, and other people much quicker than I can. But we must advance together and feel together.

It is when we are all working together, advancing together, really joyous together, that there is a difference in our outlook, our attitude, wherever we go. Do not just wander in your thoughts when you meditate together. You can do that when you are in the garden by yourself; then you should contemplate and gather. But when you meditate you should concentrate and build.

Forget your various gurus, your various paths, your various types, and your various temperaments. There is only one Master in the world, only one Teacher, only one Source, and if you touch that Source, if you drink at that Source, then you will help humanity. The Beloved, whom we follow, is everything. When you think of him, when you are part of him, when he is yourself, you forget your temperaments and types. All of us are one, all want happiness, all want Truth, and all want to be free.

Meditation should help you to get into touch with the reality of life, with the beauty of life, and with that happiness which is eternal. Meditation should give you the impetus that you need for spiritual attainment. You must watch, recollect and compose yourselves, so that your minds and your hearts become tranquil, so that like a still pool you can reflect the glory of the Beloved. Then you will have that tranquillity, that peace, that subdued dignity and that great love which is your natural heritage. Do not stagnate, do not keep to your old standards, but ever acquire new and fresh ideas. Climb a little higher, so that you have a different view of the mountain-top and of the valley, a different view of the sunrise, and if you do that you will gain a new strength, a new vitality and a new happiness. Whether you are learned, or ignorant, young or old, you must all struggle to attain the real friendship, the lasting happiness which is born out of the realization of the supreme Truth.