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Anger is a mind state as a result of ignorance of ones own mind. Anger allows one to do very stupid things, things that later are regretted. Self defense is not necessarily anger. Self defense can be an intelligent action in the face of injustice and danger, but at the same time the ignorance of the persecutor is not personalized, the ego does not have to take it personally, it can be seen that the aggressor is ignorant, one can see that and without anger and hatred one can defend themselves. In the event one is attacked adrenaline is produced as a natural response for self protection, but it does not have to be in conjunction with emotional anger.

When you say Israelis and Palestinians it makes it so much easier to hate, depending on what culture you were raised in. Now the others are not really humans with the exact same feelings as you, they have been made into a label with different qualities assigned according to your conditioning. This is the prejudgment of another being categorizing them with a group that has been labeled good or bad according to you. You may not like the behavior of certain groups, but anger and hatred of individuals of a group is careless and untrue. You may dislike a person, but anger and hatred towards them is careless and untrue, what you are hating is your very own feelings produced by the mind habits you have incurred from your life experience. You have judged the others, and in this you have produced feelings of hatred and anger within yourself toward people you have never met personally. This is an automatic response just like any other habit. What is required is aiming the seeing awareness at your own mind. It is the mind viewing the mind that allows these automatic responses to be noticed and understood.

If you have not cleansed your mind with self awareness you will easily be swept away by anger and hatred. That is the state of our world isn't it? If you don't care about it then you will not be interested in looking at yourself. There is a pleasure in hatred and in belonging to a group. War is obviously a global entertainment for humans. I suspect many people prefer things the way they are especially if the war is at a distance from their home and instead can be viewed at the movies or on television.

The only chance this world appears to have is peaceful people, peaceful by means of self knowledge. Generally speaking peaceful people have little influence because they lack the ambition to control others, nevertheless it is our only hope for a quantum leap to a different world.

You say evil bullies don't respond to weak talk. You are right, they must be met with strength, but not hate. If you meet them with hate you have already lost.
#2 - L - 07/01/2010 - 01:29
There is nothing wrong with anger when it is justified. Anger has it's place. The article fails to distinguish between negative, destuctive anger and that of pure, healthy anger. Evil bullys don't respond to weak talk. You only need to look at the Israelis treatment of the Palestinians for that.

Peaceful people don't change the world. Or at least not all the time!
#1 - Mhara - 06/30/2010 - 13:30
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