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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

Alone has great beauty

I do not know if you have ever been lonely; when you suddenly realize that you have no relationship with anybody-not an intellectual realization but a factual realization...and you are completely isolated. Every form of thought and emotion is blocked; you cannot turn anywhere; there is nobody to turn to; the gods, the angels, have all gone beyond the clouds and, as the clouds vanish they have also vanished; you are completely lonely-I will not use the word alone.Alone hasquiet a different meaning; alone has beauty. To be alone means something entirely different. And you must be alone. When man frees himself from the social structure of greed, envy, ambition, arrogance, achievement, status-then he frees himself from those, then he is completely alone. That is quite a different thing. Then there is great beauty, the feeling of great energy.