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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

There is no freedom of thought

Thought is the response of memory, and memory is always partial, because memory is the result of experience, so thought is the reaction of a mind, which is conditioned by experience. All thinking, all experience, all knowledge is inevitably partial; therefore, thought cannot solve the many problems that we have. You may try to reason logically, sanely, about these many problems, but if you observe your own mind, you will see that your thinking is conditioned by your circumstances, by the culture in which you were born, by the food you eat, by the climate you live in, by the newspapers you read, by the pressures and influences of your daily life. So we mustunderstand very clearly that our thinking is the response of memory, and memory is mechanistic.

Knowledge is ever incomplete, and all thinking born of knowledge is limited, partial, never free. So there is no freedom of thought. But we can begin to discover a freedom, which is not a process of thought, and in which the mind is simply aware of all of its conflicts and of all the influences impinging upon it.