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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

Follow the movement of suffering

What is suffering? What does it mean? What is it that is suffering? Not why there is suffering, not what is the cause of suffering, but what is actually happening? I do not know, if you see the difference. Then, I am simply aware of suffering, not as apart from me, not as an observer watching suffering - it is part of me, that is, the whole of me is suffering. Then, I am able to follow its movement, see where it leads. Surely, if I do that, it opens up, does it not? Then, I see that I have laid emphasis on the "me" - not on the person, whom I love. He only acted to cover me from my misery, from my loneliness, from my misfortune. As I am not something, I hoped he would be that. That has gone; I am left, I am lost, I am lonely. Without him, I am nothing. So I cry. It is not that he is gone but that I am left. I am alone.

There are innumerable people to help me to escape - thousands of so-called religious people, with their beliefs and dogmas, hopes and fantasies- "It is karma, it is God's will" - you know, all giving me a way out. But if I can stay with it and not put it away from me, not try to circumscribe or deny it, then what happens? What is the state of my mind, when it is thus following the movement of suffering?