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Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

What is thoroughly understood will not repeat itself

In self-awareness, there is no need for confession, for self-awareness creates the mirror, in which all things are reflected, without distortion. Every thought/feeling is thrown, as it were, on the screen of awareness to be observed, studied and understood; but this flow of understanding is blocked, when there is condemnation or acceptance, judgment or identification.

The more the screen is watched and understood - not as a duty or enforced practice, but because pain and sorrow have created the insatiable interest that brings its own discipline - the greater the intensity of awareness, and this in turn brings heightened understanding.

You can follow a thing, if it moves slowly; a rapid machine must be made to slow down, if one is to study its movements. Similarly, thoughts and feelings can be studied and understood only if the mind is capable of proceeding slowly; but once it has awakened this capacity, it can move at a high velocity, which makes it extremely calm. When revolving at high speed the several blades of a fan appear to be a solid sheet of metal. Our difficulty is to make the mind revolve slowly so that each thought/feeling can be followed and understood. What is deeply and thoroughly understood will not repeat itself.