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Eileen Caddy Eileen Caddy

31 December
Today's thought

ONCE you have taken a step forward in faith, never look backwards or start regretting what you have left behind. Simply expect the most wonderful future and see it come about. Leave all the old behind; it is finished. Be grateful for the lessons you have learnt and for the experiences you have had, which have all helped you to grow and have given you a deeper understanding, but never try to cling on to them. What is waiting for you is far, far more wonderful than what you have left behind. When you have placed your life under My direct guidance and direction, how can anything go wrong? It is when you have taken a step forward and then wonder if you have done right, and you allow doubts and fears in, that things begin to crowd in on you, and you find yourself bowed down by the weight of your decision. Therefore let go, release the past and move forward with your heart filled with love and gratitude.

-c. Eileen Caddy, Opening Doors Within

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