Eileen Caddy Eileen Caddy

30 December
Today's thought

YOU are My hands feet. I have to work in and through you to reveal My wonders and glories. I have to use you to bring down My kingdom, to bring about the new heaven and new earth. Until you become aware that I have need of you, you will go on hearing about this wonderful new heaven and new earth, but you will not behold it, live in it and see it working in and all around you. What is the use of a dream of Utopia? It has to be made reality, and it can only happen when you start to live it and stop talking about it. If you see a person drowning, it is not much help shouting instructions from the shore. You have to jump in and do something to help. Therefore there is not much use in reading about how to create the new heaven and new earth or learning about it. You have to start living it now to bring it about.

-c. Eileen Caddy, Opening Doors Within

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